- This cup is only for individual players.


- Use of other accounts is strictly prohibited.


- Any violation of these rules you will be

      disqualified from the Cup and your

             "points bank" will delete.


- The player who records any way fraudulent

  then you can get a profit for it.It is 100 points.

         Your evidence must be submitted.


- Each driver who is registered at this website

                       may play our Cup.


- You can change your trackmania nick name but

     the change must be reported to Cup-Boss.

         It is mean mail to

      The nick name can only be change 3 times!


- Server name,term of Cup and other informations

        you can find at the section called "Cup".


- We still regulate the rules so the last valid

              information will be publish

        at least 1 month before tournament.


- There is stricly prohibited to use of "cuts" and

  other programs during the Cup which would

  improve the time on the maps and each people

  who send us an evidence get 500 points for it.


- If you set 2 same local times it is still valid that

                   first local time is better.


- There is stricly prohibited to speak with dirty

   words then you can loose about 200 points !


- Players who got the same points at the end

   of Cup can show own skills on the special

            map where set the finish result.


- You can write your protest mesages to the web

       section called "Forum" or send an email

    to Cup-Boss,of course with your evidences !


- Only Cup-Boss (LsD Diablo) decide about

  kick of players from the Cup and everything

           will be publish on this website.

 © 2013 LsD Cup